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Gizzeria Lido is just 6 kms from Barnet House
 Here  you can find  family equipped beaches such as La Baia di Eolo or the 'Hang Loose Beach frequented mostly by young people, where The Iinternational School of Kite Surfing is located.
You can  furthermore enjoy free  isolated beaches and also, just across the Bay of Aeolus, the 'Known  Restaurant” Eco del Mare” and on ' the  Hang Loose Beach the same named Restaurant and a very well supplied  “Snack Ba”r

Just 24 Km far from Barnet House, you are on the beach of  Coreca.  From this stunning place , you can admire one of the most beautiful stretches on the Tyrrhenian coast. The reef is made up of a large green serpentine rocks furrowed by white filaments out of the water now named  Coreca cliff, and by  many other submerged reefs and others that emerge from the water.  The clean and clear waters  allows to admire the submerged  rocks that make up  an ideal habitat for many species of fish.

Just  26 Kms far from Barnet House, before arriving at the center of Pizzo, you will find  different beaches mostly with no  fee admission. Among these my favorite is the Beach at SolitoPosto where there is a parking fee. Among  the beaches of Pizzo the , Al Solito Posto is able to satisfy its visitors. The sea is clear and lovely and you can relax by the sea or on the rocks. There is also a restaurant that gives its name to the beach which overlooks  the sea.

It takes 42 kms in line of air from Barnet House, to reach  Tropea where  you can spend wonderful hours relaxing on the beach of Marina dell’Isola which is  certainly one of the most beautiful beaches of Tropea. The beautiful view of the Church of Santa Maria from the beach is stunning. From here you can circumnavigate the island to visit the Cave Diver. Close to the nearby Camping of Marina of 'Island, you can find a restaurant / bar where you can enjoy delicious courses of fresh fish.

 Within 31 kms in line of air from Barnet House, you can reach Copanello Lido on the Ionian Sea. In order to reach  Copanello,  you have to take the so-called Highway of the Two Mari (SS280). The beach of Copanello is located in the middle of the Gulf of Squillace on the stretch of coast known as Costa degli Aranci

By its 780 kms of coastline distributed between the Ionian Sea and the Tyrrhenian Sea, Calabria manages to please everyone: lovers of fine sandy beaches and those who prefer the cliffs, those who want to have fun in the resorts , and those who love exploring hidden and less frequented beaches. Here to follow, are listed some of the locations more easily accessible from Barnet House. Sites such as: : Le 10 Spiagge più belle Della Calabria or Spiagge Della Calabria will indicate further destinations all easily accessible from Barnet House. Therefore , we also want to point out the possibility for Mini cruises to the Aeolian Islands with departures from Vibo Marina, only 33 km away from Barnet House.

Beaches of Calabria

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