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In this section we give some tips on how to do the shopping or eating out in the area of ​​our House; how to get to the coast; tips on Movida of Lamezia Terme; Indications of Lamezia Terme and other. Click on one of the below items to go in the specific subsection

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Verso il Mare

Only 6 km  from Barnet House, numerous free  payment fee beaches are numerous , such as the Bay of Aeolus or the 'Hanglloose beach.

Further info on the beaches you can find on this website at page " To be Visited "


Comfort e Servizi
Spesa ed altro nei dintorni

Full  equiped Kitcen

Woshing Machine available

Iron &Iron board  available

Bathroom available in each bedroom

Cleaning  service and linen change  available


Private parking in a video suirvellance and nigt lighted area

Free WiFi without any llimtation


  • Happy Bar  ( Marcello ) 10  metres away

  • Palmarket (Palazzo ) 100 Metres away

  • Fruit and  Vegetables   ( Stefano )  5 Metres away

  • Butchery (Francesco ) 150 Metres away

  • Fish Market ( Pedro ) 150 Metres away

  • Postal office  150 Metres away

  • Dely & Backery 15 Meters away

  • Hair Dresser  200 Metres,

  • Bancs less of 1 km aaway

  • Pharmacy Frezza 300   metres away

  • Hospital 1300 metres away


Only 1 km from Barnet House, you can reach  the heart of the city where you can shop and stroll. You can also Bars and Pubs where you can hear good live music in the evenings

Last but not te least

Chi Siamo

Lamezia Terme  including Sant’Eufemia, Sambiase and Nicastro  in Calabria is  The municipality of Lamezia Terme  which includes 8 km of the coast of the Phoenicians on the Gulf of St. Euphemia, a part of the plain Lametini and hilly regions that extend to Mount Mancuso. The cities of the plain are located approximately midway between the Tyrrhenian coast and the Apennines of Calabria and is located at the western end of the Isthmus of Marcellinara, the strip of land narrower than the Italian peninsula, where the Tirreno is in line d 'air about 30 km from the Ionian Sea.

Near the district Sambiase and more specifically in the village Charon,  are located the homonymous spa, known by Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Normans and the Hispanic-French.

The thermal springs of Caronte existed since ancient times.. The baths of Sambiase were also known in ancient times for their healthful effects. The sulphurous water source Charon have therapeutic properties suitable for various diseases including their right temperature, about 39 ° C, which allows you to use them without any intervention.

The climate of Lamezia Terme is like  mostly  of the Mediterranean cities, generally mild, with overhangs between winter and summer.

The structure is a three-story house with garden including a  lawn with sitting area including a botanical garden  house in the garden with outdoor shower powered by solar panel and barbecue.

A kitchen is included  providing a  washing machine. Finely furnished rooms with bathroom. Wi-F i is included and televisions last generation. The property is located near the city center and ten minutes far from the sea.

Mangiare Fuori

The Following is a list of Restaurants and Pizzerias near Barnet House:

Come Spostasi

In the  following some indications h0w can reach the main highways connecting all Calabrian locations: Lamezia Terme is te hearth of Calabria

  • SS18 a 6Km:towards  north  Amantea, Paola; towards south  Pizzo, Tropea;

  • SS280  Motorway  of  Due Mari,  7 Km from  Barnet House,

  • A3 Motorway  Salerno-Reggio Calabria  6 Kms from Barnet House

  • Airport of  Lamezia Terme  6 Kms from Barnet House

  • Central train Station of Lamezia Terme Sant' Eufemia,  6 Km from BarNet House

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