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Pizzo is a lively and sunny town of about 9000 inhabitants, surrounded by a splendid  sea  and an enchanting location, perched on a cliff over the Tyrrhenian Sea. According to tradition, it was built on the ruins of Napitia, a colony founded by the Phocians, who survived the massacre of Troy and therefore decided to settled  there, attracted by these pleasant places, upon  which then flourished the Magna Grecia.
You can enjoy the splendid sea and pleasant Pineta; for example just before reaching Pizzo town, on Starda State 18, you can enjoy a visit to the wonderful Club Med Napitia where you can stay for just one day with the all inclusive.
Pizzo is also well known for its also famous and award winning  homemade ice creams like the Tartufo.
Cultural attractions are definitely worth visiting: Murat Castle  and Piedigriia Church

Pizzo Calabro

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