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Il  Museo Archelogico

The Museo Archeologico Lametino is located on the first floor of the Monumental  complex of the Church of  San Domenico,. ........More

The Norman Swedish Castle

It is one of the most ancient monument located in Calabria; it is recomended to visit during your holiday time .....More

Thermal Bath of Charont

Terma bath of Charont are sources of sulfur water and mud  located in  San Biase.district ........More

Bastione di Malta

Among the architectural heritage present  within  the Lametino  area,  the Bastion of Malta is the best preserved.......More

Pizzo Calabro

Amost  30Km far away  Barnet House, or by taking Highway A3 ( out Pizzo Calabro )or by taking  SS18, you can visit this lovely small town.......More


By its 780 kms of coastline distributed between the Ionian Sea and the Tyrrhenian Sea, Calabria manages to please everyone: .......More

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