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Thermal Baths of Charont  (Caronte) SPA 

Already known from antiquity and  according to  archaeologists, the baths  have identified  with the Aquae Angae itineraries by the  Romans in the second century AD. This argument  suggests that these sulfur waters have been studied since ancient times and have long been known for their healthful effects as evidenced by the discovery of some coins minted in the city of Terina (ancient settlement near the modern Nocera Terinese) , dating to the third century BC, depicting a mermaid intent to draw water from a source. The  interest in these baths is highlighted more in the seventeenth and eighteenth century when it is mentioned in documents and in some studies promoted by the local governors of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. In the early eighteenth century the land ,including the Baths of Charont was allowed to lease the family Cataldi from Sambiase who began the industrial exploitation.level. Currently this spa has a modern and fully equipped facility that allows baths, mud, inhalations and beauty treatments thanks to the effects and therapeutic benefits of its mineral waters (sulfur-sulphate-alkaline-earthy and iodine-arsenic) rich in sulfur , calcium and potassium which have their source Charon at a temperature of about 39 ° C.


Visit the official site of the thermal bath of Caronte

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